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Radiating Arm Pain West Houston TX Sciatica Chiropractor

Radiating Arm Pain West Houston TX Sciatica Chiropractor

Make sure to visit https://spinalcenterstexas.com or call Dr. Rick Savard at the Spinal Centers of Texas located on the wonderful westside of Houston, TX to learn more on how they have combined Chiropractic, Exercise Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, and Spinal Decompression for a total health achieving experience.

Being a mom of very busy 2 year old twins can be a full time job in itself With waking up every morning with pain radiating down her arm and also a pain across her low back and that traveled down her leg (sciatica), it became too much. Now, even with her busy lifestyle, the pain has been relieved in both areas and “it feels really really good!”

So if you or someone you love is suffering with radiating arm pain, sciatica, or any other pain that is holding them back from the activities that they love. Don’t Delay – Call Today!

Spinal Centers of Texas
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Houston, TX 77077
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