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Welcome to Spinal Centers of Texas's Houston Chiropractors Archive. Here you can learn more about Spinal Centers of Texas, Chiropractic, and Dr. Frederick Savard, today's choice for Chiropractors in Houston, TX. Read Dr. Frederick Savard's Chiropractic Houston Chiropractors for the health of it.

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Listen To Your Body

Listen to Your Body Houston TX

Don’t Ignore The Warning Lights!

Pain Warning Lights Houston TX

Houston FIT TIP For Staying Healthy

Fit Tip - Do Not Skip Meals Houston TX

Embrace A Healthy Life

Embrace A Healthy Life Houston TX

Inherited Back Pain in Houston

Back Pain Houston TX Pain Relief

So often in my office as I am meeting a new patient I hear, "Hi Doc, I would have come sooner but my back pain is hereditary."  or "I have come for my knee pain and my back hurts but I have had my back pain forever just like my parents so I understand there ...


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